InfoPower Studio 4.0 Revision History

Woll2Woll Software

Oct 4th, 2006


4.0.5 (10/4/2006)

Support ftWideMemo data type

·        TwwDBRichEdit, TwwDBGrid, TwwDBEdit, TwwDataInspector did not previously recognize ftWideMemo data type.  This would have resulted in displaying just one character or possibly garbage for these fields.



·        Allow Ctrl-V to paste into control (previously Ctrl-V did not paste in this control).


4.0.4 (9/26/2006)


·        Support embedding of TwwRecordViewPanel into a DBCtrlGrid.



·        Fixed problem with reference to nil pointer when retrieving custom control information.  This problem occurs in some rare instances.



·        Support auto-filling of picture mask prefix in TwwDataInspector. Previously the auto-filling of the prefix was only supported when using an embedded TwwDBEdit



·        Support Import/Export filters when using non-administrator accounts.  Previously would fail to load filters in those cases.


·        Parsing of floating point numbers containing an exponential E would be recognized incorrectly.  This would cause numbers to be incorrectly stored in some cases. This problem is fixed.


4.0.3 (5/24/2006)


·        Support DateTimePicker in grid when using ftTimeStamp.  Previously only supported TDateTime field types.

·        When using GroupFieldName, the bottom line of a group was not painted for the active cell unless the grid had focus. This problem has been fixed.



·        History list would cause exception if the registry section was undefined.  This problem is fixed.


4.0.2 (3/2/2006)

Same as 2/10/2006 build except that online help is properly installed in this build.


4.0.2 (2/10/2006) Changes for Delphi 2006


·        Fixed cases where dataset’s SQL property is defined as a TWideStringList, instead of TStringList. Previous build could cause the TwwFilterDialog to generate an exception at runtime when going against these dataset types.


TwwRecordViewPanel, TwwRecordViewDialog

·        Fixed problem with memo controls being placed in the wrong location.



·        Indicator was not painted transparently in .NET in some windows configurations.  This problem is fixed.


3.05 Changes


·        Fixed problem where DropDownAlignment property is not code-aassignable in .NET VCL.



·        Exporting would randomly generate exceptions in .NET.  Problem fixed through change in bookmark logic when exporting.


Assembly dependencies

·        Recompiled assemblies to be based on VCL.NET version 9.0.1882.30496 (Delphi 2005, Update pack 2 and later)



3.04 Changes

Fixed problem with TwwDBDateTimePicker introduced in 3.03.  Would also affect grid tied to DateTime fields.


3.03 Changes

Fixed problems relating to the following components and behavior.



·        When ExpandButton toggles, could cause “Unable to set focus” if parent of grid is not visible.

·        In some cases an exception was raised when a control that was previously destroyed is attempted to be hidden – fixed

·        Footer painted in wrong spot in some cases - fixed




·        Themes should use Parent.DisableThemes property if control does not have its own DisableThemes property.



·        Fixed sizing line problems



·        Supports TimeStampField in .NET



·        Check for nil owner when using frames.  Previously could cause access violation if used in this fashion.



·        Make sure parentform is visible before allowing focus to be set in the OnClick event